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Hey folks! Been out of the loop here for a few months, but haven’t been idle – assisting with some Fuxa shows, releasing a solo EP, and collaborating/playing drums on some I Am Your Captain recordings. I’m currently wrapping up the July podcast/e-zine due out in a few days, but in the meantime, here’s what’s going down:

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Flyying Colours Band

Flyying Colours EPIt’s vinyl giveaway time again at Outersound HQ – this time it’s the new one from Australia’s Flyying Colours out soon on Shelflife (US) and Club AC30 (UK). The 5-song EP revolves around the singles “Wavy Gravy” and “Like You Said” – and is pressed on 180-gram vinyl.

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Outersounds Podcast 8 coverThis has to be the worst winter ever – not just snow, but the dead cold and gray days. Luckily we’re in the early year release cycle, and all kinds of new albums are coming out in the next few weeks. The latest podcast contains 7 tracks from recent or upcoming releases spanning the Outersounds spectrum, with neo-shoegaze from England and Australia, psych rock from Chicago and Minneapolis and some drones from New Jersey. It’s a good mix to listen to while shoveling snow.

Track listing:

  1. The Fauns “4am”
  2. Purple Heart Parade “Painting Pictures”
  3. Secret Colours – “Get To The Sun”
  4. First Communion Afterparty “Balloons”
  5. Roku Music “Feelings”
  6. New Electric Ride “Bye Bye (Baton Rouge)”
  7. Snowbride “Sky’s Flowers”

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Damn this winter keeps grinding on. The only thing keeping me sane is the steady stream of new outersounds coming out. For now, I’m gonna crawl back under the blanket and put my headphones on.

Flyying Colours

Flyying Colours EPThis year’s vinyl season is heating up, and my second “pre-order” so far is the upcoming 12″ vinyl release from Australia’s Flyying Colours. They put out a track last year called “WavyGravy”, and are poised to add another 4 songs to make an EP. Layered guitars and lush vocals forge a sound not unlike their early 90’s influences, but with an extra explosive energy. The release is a co-production of London’s ClubAC30 and America’s Shelflife, so thankfully I won’t have to pay international shipping charges. In the meantime, check out a video for their second single, “Like You Said”.

The Foreign Resort

In conjunction with the release of their next album, New Frontiers, Danish space-gazers The Foreign Resort are headed to the USA for a 10-date tour in March (and they’re even stopping here in Michigan!). The group’s played over 170 shows in the last couple of years, and I’m excited to see their brand of textured sonic bliss live. They’re releasing a single on February 10th called “Alone” to whet your appetite, with the full album coming out on February 24th. Below is the current list of dates, and I encourage you to seek them out if you can.


Spotlight Kid

Spotlight KidI’ve been a huge fan of Nottingham’s Spotlight Kid for awhile now, at least since 2011’s Disaster Tourist. We got a teaser last year with the “sugar Pills” single, but looks like they’re gearing up for another full-length (their 3rd) entitled Ten Thousand Hours. It’s due out on March 11 from Saint Marie records, and represents “a huge step forward from the previous album but instantly recognizable as the same band – loud, uplifting, melodic and noisy.”


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Hiya! Yes, it’s been awhile since my last Orbitings post (a few months back) – life’s been crazy with a rambunctious toddler, changing jobs, the holidaze, and surviving this crazy winter so far. Finally, things are getting back to normal, and so is this blog. Thanks for reading! I’ve been catching up on some stuff released towards the end of last year, and here’s a few that stood out:

Purple Heart Parade

I found these guys while searching through my Twitter followers, and they really stood out. PHP is a 5-piece from Manchester who specialize in “Shoegaze/Psych/Fuzz Rock”, and have been together since late 2012, playing shows with The Telescopes and Exit Calm along with a headline slot at the Glasgow Psych Fest. Check out a track from their EP Painting Pictures:

First Communion Afterparty

Reverberating from Minneapolis comes First Communion Afterparty, and their latest Earth Heat Sound. First heard of this 6(?) piece group from a Facebook post by Chatham Rise, seeing how they share a label. Their music is quite psychedelic, and I don’t necessarily mean in the “psych” vein, but way out there – I highly recommend this one.

Eat Lights Become Lights

The ever prolific Eat Lights Become Lights is slowly teasing us with previews from their upcoming full-length due out in April 2014. The first preview is a video for the track “You Are Disko”, which to me represents a leap forward in their electo-kraut sound.